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About Us

UK Talent Train Promotions Limited (UK TT) is a London based events/talent search company founded in 2008 by Mr Michael Mantock who is the Managing Director, co-founded/managed by Nubian Gordon Anderson. The UK TT provides an artist/talent booking/representation agency, artist/talent management, workshops, entertainment events and competitions which are original in creativity, involving performing arts. In addition, UK TT offers a PA system hire.

UK TT was established to engage mainly with the youth in communities across the major UK cities to provide an outlet for creativity and community building; motivate and inspire young people to develop their Arts talent; encourage positive attitudes amongst youth to enable them to realise their dreams, goals and aspirations through positive thinking, combination of hard work, dedication and commitment. Over the years UK TT has developed positive partnerships with community led organisations such as mentor programs and referral units to help provide the necessary support and contacts required to help further the career/talent of its service users.
UK TT adopts the motto: ‘GET BEHIND YOUR TALENT AND SHINE’. Whilst UK TT largely works with young people of 18 - 34 years it is also open to everyone to showcase their performing arts talent in a welcoming environment.

Michael has a background in event promotion and music management, Nubian (Co-founder and manager) has an education in events and entertainment management, talent promotion, music production and administration. With a combined workforce of 30 plus years’ industry experience, UK TT affords its clients the most broadly creative experience and comprehensive solutions to their pressing Arts talent needs and are compelled about helping budding stars of the future to get the essential stepping stone / entry into the entertainment and music world.

UK TT contributes to the local community by donating funds to the African Caribbean Leukemia Trust (Commonly referred to as ACLT) and has recently donated funds to the Guy's Hill High School to help retrieve their stolen school bus and sponsored the Miss Guy’s Hill High School as well as the Guy’s Hill High School and CAPE P.E. student’s primary/preschool GSat Football Blow Out Match. UK TT has strong ethical values the importance and essence to invest in the next generation, maintain good integrity and for its services to enrich young people's lives and creativity, authencity in their performances and the significance of their attitude towards their success. “It is important that talents receive exposure and guidance and with our support people learn about the demands of the entertai
nment and music industry”. (Michael Mantock-founder).


Our responsibility is to provide a platform for young people to showcase their talent in a positive environment supported by the community; to build a place where talents are exposed to the world, nurtured, encouraged and inspired to get behind their talent and shine. Our vision is to provide the top leading ‘original’ entertaining events globally.
To enable dis-advantaged young people to overcome challenges in areas of natural gifts, education, life skills and personal development via non-monetary and monetary sponsorship, donations and referrals.

Our Mission

  • To inspire talents to get behind their talent and shine so that they can use their talent to the very best of their ability and go beyond to make way for higher challenges.

  • To inspire and motivate talents to become financially self-efficient so that they can be an example for others.

  • To encourage unity amongst peers so that one can practice professional working relationship and team working skills that will prepare and equip them for one of the many necessary skills needed in the entertainment/music industry.

  • To nurture potential budding stars so that they can be mentally and physically prepared to delve further in to the music/entertainment industry.

  • To encourage talents to be `original` so that they can grow to be more outstanding as an artist which will in return enable them to be more sustainable in their career.

  • To educate and or bring awareness about unprivileged people through partnering and or supporting charities.

Values and beliefs

  • That our services must enrich people's lives.

  • That creativity, quality and originality in our services, and all that we do are essential to our success.

  • That we invest in our future- the next generation to come, our youth.

  • That we maintain good integrity