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​​​​The UK Talent Train Showcase originally is a singing competition launched in England designed to promote, develop and bring awareness of up-and-coming talent whilst bringing together the community musically. Competition entrants will get the opportunity to perform to a large supportive audience, made up of their friends, and families as well as industry professionals-an amazing experience for everyone involved. In 2015 the competition was extended to Jamaica and accommodated for all performing arts talents. The first show started in September 2015 hosted at the Guy’s Hill High School in which Mr. Mantock (managing director) of UK TT was a former student. Alongside the competition event money was raised to help towards the retrieval of the stolen Guy’s Hill High School bus. Other participating high schools involved were St. Mary’s High, Caron Hall High, Ocho Rios High, Marymount High and Tacky High.

Last year winners:

Novell Harris
Ocho Rios High School
£500 + Trophy + School Stationary Pack

Dujaune Johnson
Guy's Hill High School
£300 + Medal + School Stationary Pack
TAD Singers
Marymount High School
£200 + Medal + School Stationary Pack